Plugins for Microsoft Outlook – Taglocity

14 01 2008

I mentioned previously that a big drawback to the Outlook plugin ClearContext, for me, was the inability to place a message within multiple topics. The more I wrestled with this and worked around it the more I wished the system simply supported tagging.


Enter Taglocity.

Taglocity introduces to Outlook just what you would expect, tagging. It seems to get this done by taking advantage of the difficult to use categories already available in Outlook. You can tag items by using a tag cloud or by selecting from a list that populates as you type. The interface layout is very configurable. You can have the tagging pane display below or beside the preview pane while viewing the inbox. You can also float the tag cloud. In addition to the inbox you can tag items from the compose window, task creation or calendar creation.

Taglocity does right what ClearContext will hopefully correct in the next version. This is the ability to assign multiple tags to a single item. This means that the Sales Report email can be tagged with “2007 4th QTR ” as well as “Sales Commissions”. This is good stuff. Taglocity also makes filtering a view pretty painless and quick. You can select filter from the toolbar and select a tag, or multiple tags, and apply the filter. The filter also supports the AND and OR operators. This is a bit awkward to use but the approach seems pretty fresh. It is yet to be determined if this is a good thing or not.

Taglocity also supports AutoTags (the tags learn as you assign them) ActionTags (kick off an event, create a task, when a tag is assigned) TravellingTags (send tags along in the email). Each of these options are pretty compelling and make introducing the plugin into a workgroup environment a pretty easy one.

For the most part I really liked this plugin. My only concern is that it is not as user friendly as it could be and it does seem to impact performance a bit. With that being said, it is relatively safe to assume that most people that understand the value of tagging could figure it out. All in all I can see myself returning to this plugin and the price seems acceptable at $39 for the professional version.




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6 02 2008
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30 07 2010

Does somebody know how taglocity and lookeen play together? Or is it necessary to have taglocity if you have already a good search tool? I love Lookeen, so I don’t wanna give it away, but I also wanna try taglocity someday!

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