Negotiating with Pirates?

1 07 2007

There was a nice post a few weeks ago around a story of a guy that wrote to a release group and asked nicely to have his software pulled from there distribution of cracked software. He was able to make the request because the email to the release group was in the cracked titles NFO. The story ends nicely with the RG agreeing to stop distributing the software. The whole conversation was very civilized.

It’s no surprise that this grassroots side of the pirating world exists where they seem to listen to and may actually care about the small time developer.

Where the conversation gets interesting, if not predictable, is in the comments to the post. The story had over a thousand diggs and has seen active commenting with the latest on June 26th.  The bickering back and forth about what should be pirated and when, under what circumstances and with what motivation is relentless, although entertaining.

At the end of the day it seems the software is still available in the torrent channels as someone posted in the comments. This doesn’t mean that the RG didn’t pull the software. It just means that once it is in the wild, well… it’s in the wild. Good luck stopping it.

How to stop warez pirates? Ask nicely.

Pirates aren’t evil? (this link points to the software developers posting of the NFO and conversation)