another, ColdFusion dead…WTF? post

25 05 2007

It has been mildly entertaining reading the slew of posts in the CF community responding to ComputerWorld’s claims that CF is a dead technology.
Of course this is ridiculous. CF may be niche, but it ain’t dead or dying.

A couple of my favorite responses include:

Ben Forta: Today’s irresponsible Journalism Award Goes To Mary Brandel

Brian Rinaldi: Remote Sythesis Declares ComputerWorld Dead!

Fredo ComputerWorld, You are dead to me!


ColdFusion newbie, three years in the making

10 05 2007

I’ve been dabbling in web development since 1996. Never anything fancy or complicated but I have moved through various stages of HTML and ASP eventually landing in the ColdFusion world a few short years ago. The decision to move to ColdFusion was an interesting one and was prompted by the sister of a friend at work.

She had been doing development work on a much grander level than I and upon being asked by her brother how best to develop an app quickly she directed us toward Coldfusion. She had been using it herself for a couple of years and was pretty impressed by it. So we began to investigate.

Initially what surprised me was the size of the ColdFusion community, small, and the number of resources available, even smaller. What impressed me was the quality of the resources and the loyalty of the community. It was readily evident that those developing in CF were older, more mature if you will. They were established in existing corporations and many of them had been there for some time. It was difficult to compare CF, from a demographic perspective, to competing technologies due to the large volume of developers working in ASP and the growing number working in PHP. It certainly is not, nor was not, apples to apples.

With my developer cap slightly askew I took a look at the code and associated tags and found that I was able to reproduce in CF, with far fewer lines, what I was already doing in ASP. Nice. The tags also seemed intuitive and as a result they felt like they required less thought. I hope that makes some sense. They just didn’t seem as heavy but came across just as powerful. You know in the movie ‘A Knights Tale‘ when the lady armourer made the sword out of the new lighter metal and William Thatcher didn’t think there was any way it would be as strong as the traditional sword? The sword turned out to be much stronger. This is how ColdFusion felt to me.

ColdFusion just keeps getting better, as well as continuing to get more and more flack in the design community at large. While all this is happening there is a strong CF Open Source interest taking hold in a CF community that is as passionate as ever, if not more so.

So yeah, I’m still in the newbie camp where CF is concerned. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to learn it all and pay attention to those other tasks that are under my umbrella. I do learn enough to get by and am grateful to the solid resources that exist.

A few CF resources:

Adobe ColdFusion
Ben Forta’s Blog
cfweekly (podcast)
ColdFusion Cookbook
ColdFusion Open Source
Pete Frietag
Raymond Camden
Remote Synthesis
Rob Ghonda