27 03 2008

Zemanta is an interesting little Firefox extension for blogger’s.

If you write a post in wordpress, blogger or typepad the Zemanta plugin lays out some relevant content (pictures and sites) based upon what you are typing in the post.

This seems like it would be very nice tool. Unfortunately I can’t bring myself to use the online editor in WordPress.

If they ever integrate it with Microsoft Live Writer I’ll definitely give it a go.

Zemanta Blogger integration from zemanta on Vimeo.


Secure Login plugin – multiple logins

7 01 2008

I’m a fan of the Secure Login plugin for Firefox. Occasionally when logging into a site I would get a prompt asking me to select which login to use. Both logins were the same with the exception of a number shown to the right of each login. I was able to select either and login just fine.


Eventually I got curious and went hunting for the reason why. It turns out the Secure Login plugin will display a login ID for each login form on the page. There is only one form on the page you say? Chances are very good there is a hidden form veiled by some ajaxy goodness.

To see the hidden form (and prove you aren’t losing it) select View | Page Style | No Style. This will strip all the styling from the page and show everything in it’s HTML glory.

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