Google Gears – awesome

30 05 2007

Google Gears has been released and it seems to be a pretty pivotal application as the lines begin to blur between offline and online applications.
I tested Gears on Google Reader on Ubuntu and it worked without any hiccups.

I’ve also been following Dojo Offline and it appears they have been working to make Dojo offline work well with Google Gears.

This will be a very interesting space to watch.

ReadWrite Web wrote up a nice post, here.


Zonbu/Zonbox wants to be your $99 computer

26 05 2007

Zonbu has put together the Zonbox. A $99 desktop computer with a very small form factor. In addition to the price appeal the Zonbox sports a linux OS and “comes with every program most people ever need”. The other major point of comparison with the traditional desktop computer is the Zonbox does not include, or need, a hard drive. The system runs off 4GB flash based local storage. This translates into no moving parts and what may be a pretty rugged box as a result. Finally the system also touts an efficient low power design which means safer for the environment and lighter on your wallet.

I really like what they are doing here. I especially appreciate the opportunity at another viable choice in the market. The low end PC, the over priced Apple and now the entry level Linux box, nice. In addition to the $99 cost of the hardware the system relies on a subscription service which gives you access to additional storage online in a few different plans ranging from 25GB to 100GB, or $12.99 – $19.95 per month for a 2 year plan. If you do the math the cost after the couple of years is about what you would pay for a middle of the road PC today.While the cost is nice I don’t see the cost as being the driver for buying such a box. A few drivers include support/replacement, software upgrades and no viruses (currently). The Zonbox also supports several peripherals.

Replacement information from the Zonbu site:

Free replacement Zonbox
In the unlikely event that your Zonbox fails within three years of purchase, let us know and we’ll send you a replacement Zonbox that very day (*). Just plug in your replacement Zonbox and immediately access your valuable data stored on the Zonbu service, with all of your preferences and settings intact. Once you’re back up and running, send us your old Zonbox. What could be easier?

That is really all I’ve got. I threw this post together pretty quick and will likely follow it up later with more thoughts around expansion and limitations. Pretty exciting though. Oh, check their demo here.

What do you think?

Easy Print to PDF in Ubuntu

26 05 2007

I’m rarely connected to a printer with my laptop and had not dug into printing to PDF since moving to Ubuntu. I came across the following link to a tutorial for just such an operation and am happy to report that it works entirely as advertised. When you print to PDF you’ll find a PDF folder in your Home folder. The PDF folder will contain your printed page. Thanks ArsGeek and NewLinuxUser for the info.

ArsGeek – Free your inner geek » 5 steps to create a PDF printer (print to PDF) in Ubuntu

Ever wanted to print a document of just about any sort to a virtual printer that would then turn it into a PDF? It’s pretty easy to do in Ubuntu. In fact you’ll need just 5 steps and about as many minutes of your time to set this up.

Open Source Projects To Watch

26 05 2007

Here is a list of 15 Open Source projects to watch. My recent adoption of Ubuntu Kubuntu has further fueled my interest in Open Source alternatives. I wish I was more secure in my knowledge of application development so I could contribute to the community. My goal will be to get to the point of contribution.

I have not tried any of the projects listed but will be looking into many of them and likely posting some feedback here.

Open Source Projects: 15 To Watch

Google Apps For Your Domain – Themes?

26 05 2007

My wife had been using Yahoo for her personal email for a few years. After much persuasion I convinced her to move her primary email to Google via Google Apps For Your Domain. While it is certainly functional it ain’t very pretty. I wonder if Google will allow themes via the GAFYD start page?

I know it would be a headache to allow themes for those accounts that are actually hosting a company’s info due to colors, logo’s, etc. Our account is not color or logo specific at all.

If this feature is available now I’m sure not seeing it.

So, Google, if you could turn themes on for GAFYD start page it would really be appreciated. 🙂

Ubuntu Desktop Effects error

26 05 2007

Since installing Ubuntu 7.04 I have wanted to enable the desktop effects but have been unable to do so.
The error displayed is shown below.

A Google search shows that many other folks are having the same issue.

The answer ended up being a change in the xorg.conf file, which I learned about while reading this thread in the Ubuntu forums.
Now to install Beryl and learn how to use it.

another, ColdFusion dead…WTF? post

25 05 2007

It has been mildly entertaining reading the slew of posts in the CF community responding to ComputerWorld’s claims that CF is a dead technology.
Of course this is ridiculous. CF may be niche, but it ain’t dead or dying.

A couple of my favorite responses include:

Ben Forta: Today’s irresponsible Journalism Award Goes To Mary Brandel

Brian Rinaldi: Remote Sythesis Declares ComputerWorld Dead!

Fredo ComputerWorld, You are dead to me!