Secure Login plugin – multiple logins

7 01 2008

I’m a fan of the Secure Login plugin for Firefox. Occasionally when logging into a site I would get a prompt asking me to select which login to use. Both logins were the same with the exception of a number shown to the right of each login. I was able to select either and login just fine.


Eventually I got curious and went hunting for the reason why. It turns out the Secure Login plugin will display a login ID for each login form on the page. There is only one form on the page you say? Chances are very good there is a hidden form veiled by some ajaxy goodness.

To see the hidden form (and prove you aren’t losing it) select View | Page Style | No Style. This will strip all the styling from the page and show everything in it’s HTML glory.

keywords: login selection select user form index firefox plugin secure login




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