A couple of MP3 essentials

14 05 2007

I listen to podcasts far more than I listen to music these days. I currently have a Sansa e250 2GB player and have been very happy with it.

It seems that listening to podcasts means never knowing how loud the volume is going to be. Before I transfer any files I run them through MP3Gain and set the volume to 95bd. This setting works pretty well for me as I typically listen in the car to and from work. 95db handles the road noise pretty well.

MP3Gain screenshot

Once the volume has been set I load the files into media tagger. I searched for quite some time for a program that would allow me to easily update several MP3 tags at one time. Media Tagger filled my needs and then some. There are many options within the program that I have yet to try. It does take a little playing around to learn the basic ins and outs. Thankfully they created a decent guide to shorten the learning curve.

Media Tagger Screenshot

MP3Gain and Media Tagger are free.
If you have any good MP3 utilites in your kit feel free to leave a comment.




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