Interview with a phisher

9 05 2007

RSnake at has posted a bit of an interview he did with a phisher that goes by “lithium”.

The questions asked are very good and the answers are as well. A nice peek into the world of phishing based on one phishers experience.

I can’t say I found anything particularly surprising as most of my assumptions about the people that engage in this activity fit pretty well with the profile painted in the interview. Nonetheless it always sets me a bit sideways to hear how young some of them are when they start. It was also bothersome to hear how many people are using the same password for their email as they do for their social identities and how this can turn into a nice bit-o-cash for the phisher.

One last thing. “Lithium” refers to himself as 18 years young. I always associated the ‘years young’ reference with older people. Odd.

Phishing Social Networking Sites




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